Photo Deconstruction: Sleeping Beauty inspired 6 light Bridal Fashion Scene

In this video I deconstruct the complex 6 light setup used to create mood and drama in this floral scene. Instead of just using one broad, soft light source, I combined several different light sources (and with gels) to help create depth and mood. I used a soft overhead light source to create general illumination of the scene. Next, I added a grid to the face for contrast and to make it a bit brighter. Two rim lights with blue gels created separation and depth. Finally, two blue fill lights were used to create the overall in-camera color grading in the scene.

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Canon 5D IV:
Canon 24-105mm 4.0:
6 Profoto strobes (mix of Profoto D1s and even B2) /
Main Light 1: Overhead Large Umbrella + Diffusion:
Main Light 2: 5 Degree Grid:
Rim Lights: 2 small white umbrellas with blue gels:
Fill Light: B2 2 strobes with blue gels:
Gel kit:

Set Design:
Ivie Joy Flowers –

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