Night Photography Tips (I blame Youtube Photographers)

Night photography tips that are actually useful. Exposing for the highlights is the best way to shoot at night, let the shadows be dark.

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One of the most common photography settings that I receive is what are my camera settings, which camera do you use, and do I use a tripod at night. The answer is, I do not use a tripod because I do not have to. I underexpose my pictures so that the information in the highlights remains. In that way, my photos always retain the information necessary to take awesome night photos.

This is why you do not need a new camera or the latest and greatest gear for night photography. Hope this night photography tutorial will help someone out.

Aesthetic photography videos about anime, cyberpunk, infrared and rain photography from Seoul, South Korea.
한국 서울에서 찍은 애니메이션, 사이버펑크, 인퍼레드, 비오는날 사진 촬영 비디오.

Learn photography though photo shoots and tutorials.
실사와 튜토리얼로 배우는 사진

All the content is free. No ads for e-books, presets, gear, or workshops.
모든 컨텐츠가 무료. 책장비, 작업장, 프리셋 광고 없음

I’m a street photographer in Seoul, South Korea.
서울 대한민국의 사진 작가입니다. 서울사진가.

My photography videos are mostly about street photography, cyberpunk photography, and night photography in Seoul, South Korea.
내 비디오는 한국에서의 사진과 나의 삶에 관한 것이다. 사진찍기좋은곳.

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