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This video answers a question that I get asked, perhaps more than any other. “What is the best lens for travel photography? For documentary photography?”

I’ll give you a very comprehensive answer. I’ll talk about the best lenses for the full frame sensor system as well as the Micro 43 system that I currently use.

Of course I want you to have an idea of what kinds of images these recommended best travel photography lenses produce. There will be plenty of photo examples.

What about the lens’ usability, weight, discreetness and stuff like that? I’ll mention all that in the video too!


24-70mm type lenses and equivalents

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Recommended for full frame sensor cameras

Latest Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens: |
Recommended Sony 24-70mm f/2.8: |
Recommended Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8: |
Sigma for Canon mount 24-70mm f/2.8 lens: |
Sigma for Nikon mount 24-70mm f/2.8 24-70mm f/2.8: |

Recommended for cropped frame sensors

Canon 17-55 f/2.8 (for the cropped sensor Canons) |
Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8 lens (Micro 43): |
Fujifilm XF 16-55mm f/2.8 R LM WR Lens (APSC): |
Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 Lens (Micro 43) Not quite 24-80 equivalent, but close enough: |

30 and 35mm type lenses and equivalents

Recommended for cropped sensor cameras

Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 15mm f/1.7 ASPH. Lens (Micro 43): |

Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 17mm f/1.8 Lens (Micro 43): |
Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 17mm f/1.2 PRO Lens (Micro 43): |

Fujifilm XF 23mm f/2 R WR Lens (APSC): |

Sony E 20mm f/2.8 Lens (APSC): |

Camera bodies that I talk about in the video:

Canon 5D MKIV The new version of what I used to use in my digital SLR days |

Panasonic GX80 – My favorite Micro 43 camera |
Panasonic GX9 new version of the GX80 |

Fuji X100F – |

Sony a6500 – |

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