Basic Photography knowledge/Lesson in Urdu/Hindi | Exposure Triangle | Adeel Akram Photographer

Hello Friends i am Adeel Akram Photographer I have 10 Years Professional experience in Digital Photography

I Teach you Exposure triangle of DSLR cameras aperture shutter speed and ISO tutorial Adeel Akram Photographer

Aperture photography definition
Shutter Speed photography
ISO setting

1:. slow shutter speed in Urdu/Hindi
2:. fast shutter speed in Urdu/Hindi
3:. Best ISO Setting

Its a plate form where you can learn about professional photography and lighting techniques also all about the gears in the field of media.

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Adeel Akram Photographer
I am an Electrical Engineer, but photography is my passion of life. I must say that the passion is the thing where you can learn. Being an Electrical Engineer i did not prefer to start my career as an Engineer because i was not interested in this field. However, I started my journey and it my aim.
i believe that a camera is a save button for the mind’s eye

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